Referral/Affiliates Gap Analysis

Get a complete report on the affiliates, influencers and referral parters your competitors are working with so that you can perform outreach, offer their partners a better deal and rapidly improve your visibility. As part of this audit you will also have a bonus report on the micro influencers you can start working with today to get more from your marketing budget and improve your reach across niche marketplaces.

Product Offering Gap Analysis

Identify the products you need to stock in order to close the gap between you and your competitors. As part of this audit we will conduct trend analysis on social media to discover complementary products that we believe will become the next best selling item based on their search volatility.

Content Opportunity Master Report

A detailed audit of your competitor’s marketing strategy with actionable insights on how you can close your content gap, start creating lead generation tools and how you can hire the writers in order to upgrade and overhaul your content output.