Local search allows customers to find businesses in their area quickly and easily. That’s why local SEO remains an important business tool. An estimated 7 billion local searches are done from computers and mobile devices, with many of these being completed by people looking for info on businesses and services near them, in the moment. If you’ve ignored local search options in favor for other marketing methods, you’re missing out.

You can also avoid making some of the same mistakes others make when it comes to local SEO. Here are a few things you’ll want to pay close attention to when launching a strong local search campaign. Even if your business is small, it’s worth the effort to establish local SEO.


No Listing on Google Places: This should be at the top of your list as it is one of the biggest local search mistakes people make. If you want your business to be listed as “nearby products or services,” you’ll need to make sure to complete the Google Places page because it, not your local SEO, makes you visible.

Contact Information That is Wrong or Incomplete: If you don’t add the correct contact information to your business directory listings while working on your local SEO, you’re going to lose business. Think about when a person does a local search, tries to call your phone number to ask a question, and can’t find a way to reach you. They’ll likely move on to another business that has their contact information listed. This is a local search no no. Whenever completing business listings for local SEO, you should always check each field for accuracy. You’ll also want to make sure that the page matches your Google Places listings. If not, you could have problems with local search results.

The Wrong Keywords: Another local search mistake is using the wrong keywords. The right ones lead traffic to your website. The words and phrases that you choose to use to market your services should give you valuable insight about your competition and how well they fare in local search results using the same or similar keywords. When selecting keywords for your website, you should be sure that your keyword research reflects search trends in your specific target areas, not nationwide. And when optimizing with these keywords, you should be sure to sprinkle your target locations into your pages. This will help your site appear in a local search, as internet browsers tend to append city names to their search terms.

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