Does it Pay to hire A Technical SEO Expert?

A technical SEO expert is someone that has specialized in the promotion of sites relative to search engines. If you need to know how to optimize your website for better search engine rankings, a technical SEO expert may be the answer for you. A technical SEO expert tends to do less than an organic SEO expert but still can give a good return on your investment (ROI) because of the specialized knowledge they already possess...

Top local search mistakes your business can’t afford

Local search allows customers to find businesses in their area quickly and easily. That’s why local SEO remains an important business tool. An estimated 7 billion local searches are done from computers and mobile devices, with many of these being completed by people looking for info on businesses and services near them, in the moment. If you’ve ignored local search options in favor for other marketing methods, you’re missing out.

Build trust of your brand through content creation

The old saying in marketing and advertising goes, “content is king.” These days it seems as if many have decided to forego quality content in favor of other, newer marketing tactics, such as pay-per-click and search engine optimization. Now don’t get us wrong, those are also powerful tools, but all of them should work together to form an effective marketing campaign. We’ve got some tips on content creation and why it is so valuable.

A brief guide to white label SEO

When you are setting up a client’s website or improving on it, you should consider getting help from a white label SEO company. SEO is an important ingredient to any internet marketing campaign. It is not just enough to put in the right number of keywords, because this won't get the job done. A good service should offer a comprehensive approach to optimizing a website and helping you stay in the game.