The old saying in marketing and advertising goes, “content is king.” These days it seems as if many have decided to forego quality content in favor of other, newer marketing tactics, such as pay-per-click and search engine optimization. Now don’t get us wrong, those are also powerful tools, but all of them should work together to form an effective marketing campaign. We’ve got some tips on content creation and why it is so valuable.

Build Trust: It’s easy to understand why, especially as a small or local business, one would want to focus on a marketing strategy that gives tangible, numerical results. However, in many cases, you’ve got to start the hard way. Creating high-quality content establishes your company as an authority in your field, not only to readers and potential customers, but to search engines. Useful content answers questions that you know your audience has, is relevant to what they seek and educates them on a topic on which you’re an expert. Simply put, when you provide useful content, you build trust. Trust leads to customer acquisition, which THEN leads to conversions. And as far as search engines go, when you produce quality content, search engines give you what is known as domain authority – a sign that they, too, trust the content you are producing.

You are the Authority: You know your audience. You know the types of people that come into your store or restaurant, the ones that request your services or welcome you into their home. Show your readers and consumers that you understand their needs and want to help them in every way you can. Answer their questions and address their concerns. If you provide a solution to a problem they didn’t even know they had, you have the opportunity to build trust before they’re even a customer.

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