When you are setting up a client’s website or improving on it, you should consider getting help from a white label SEO company. SEO is an important ingredient to any internet marketing campaign. It is not just enough to put in the right number of keywords, because this won't get the job done. A good service should offer a comprehensive approach to optimizing a website and helping you stay in the game.

White Label SEO is one approach that your agency may take to gain an edge over your competitors. Especially, when you do not have access to more advanced marketing tools or the ability to continually scale your experience.

In this latest blog in our digital marketing article series, we will discuss the key things you should know about offering White Label SEO audits from a white label marketing agency.Before you sign a contract with a white label SEO firm, it is important to understand exactly what they will be doing for your client’s website. A good approach is to look at how they analyze your competition. Then ask if they have any current studies in mind. Look to see what type of workflow they use to get results for their clients. Do they analyze your website as though you were their client?

One of the most important aspects of White Label SEO audits is keyword research. In the past, SEO firms would create campaigns based upon keywords they guessed would rank highly for your particular niche. Now, there are tools offered by the white label SEO industry that allows you to have a full audit of your competition and see how they are planning to rank for each keyword. The dashboard will show you which keywords your competitors are ranking for and how effective their campaigns are. This can provide an extremely valuable tool for your own efforts.

If you have a very specific market niche, then hiring a white label SEO company might not be a good idea. It is better to work with an SEO company that has knowledge of the niche you want to target and has the experience to help you promote your brand.

Sometimes, digital marketing agencies handle different business goals than the actual client, leaving you to worry about everything. Make sure that you are working with someone who knows about your market.The dashboard is the most important part of a white label SEO service, especially if you are going through different service levels. A dashboard gives you the ability to see at a glance what your website looks like and where it is on Google. It's also the place where you will find all of your analytics information in one place.

When you are looking for an in-house white label SEO company, be sure to ask the right questions and get comprehensive answers. Hiring an outsourcing company will give you a huge advantage over your competitors, especially when your budget is lower and you need SEO on your client’s website to take advantage of the latest trends.

With an expert helping you out, you can start implementing your client’s new strategy immediately and watch as your brand name starts soaring through the rankings!